(revised January 2010)


This organization is named Smith Valley Saddle Club, Inc. and will be incorporated as a not-for-profit association.

ARTICLE II  Purpose and Objectives

           Section 1.  To promote and cultivate social and recreational equestrian activities for the benefit of our members.

           Section 2.  To encourage and develop good horsemanship practices among our members.

           Section 3.  To be affiliated with the Montana Saddle Club Association (MSCA) so members who so desire may participate in MSCA O-Mok-See competitions.

ARTICLE III.  Membership and Dues

            Section 1.  Participation in club activities and use of club facilities and equipment will be restricted to members only.  Other clubs may use our facilities when invited for competition.

            Section 2.  Active membership in this club shall be granted to all applicants approved by the Board upon payment of annual dues and receipt of signed membership agreement.

            Section 3.  Membership dues will be $25.00 a year for a family or $15 a year for individual memberships.  The club reserves the right to offer a special discount or increase membership dues at the annual meeting.  Membership shall be continuous from the time of sign up through the end of the calendar year.  Subsequent dues for annual renewal shall be payable by April 1st to retain membership in good standing.

            Section 4.  No person under 18 may be a member of SVSC unless a parent or guardian is a member or the membership agreement is signed by a parent or legal guardian.

            Section 5.  Individual members will automatically become affiliated with the Montana Saddle Club Association (MSCA) upon affiliation of our club with the MSCA.

            Section 6.  Any member who conducts unsportsmanlike behavior towards any member, visitor or animal while participating in any activity of our club may be expelled by a majority vote of the Board of Directors at a special meeting called by the Board of Directors.

ARTICLE IV.  Officers and Directors

            Section 1.  The officers of SVSC shall be elected from the membership at large and shall also be members of the Board of Directors, which shall include President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer and shall serve one year to reelection.  The latter may be combined into one position of Secretary/Treasurer.

            Section 2.  The Board of Directors shall be comprised of seven members, four of which shall be the elected officers and shall include three directors elected at large for a three-year term, electing one each year (four if Secretary/Treasurer position is held by one person).

            Section 3.  A majority of the Board of Directors (at least four members) shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any Director’s meeting.

            Section 4.      Officers and directors shall serve without monetary compensation.

            Section 5.  Only members in good standing for one year previous may run for club officers or board of directors.

            Section 6.  No person may hold office or a board position who has an obvious direct conflict of interest with SVSC.

ARTICLE V.  Duties of Directors and Officers

            Section 1.  The Board of Directors shall
·         Generally supervise and direct the affairs of the club between regular meetings
·         Fill any and all vacancies which may occur among the officers and directors between annual meetings
·         Audit the treasurer’s books at least annually
·         Carry on all business and other activities of the club
·         Schedule annual meetings and any other meetings as deemed necessary

Section 2.  The President shall
·         Preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors
·         Preside at all other meetings of the club

Section 3.  The Vice President shall act for the President in his/her absence

Section 4.  The secretary shall
·         Keep a record of all club and board meetings
·         Provide members with notice of events and meetings
·         Keep updated list of members and provide to board

Section 5.  The treasurer shall

·         Keep a record and have charge and custody of all club funds.
·         Checks can be signed by President, Vice President, Secretary or Treasurer and all need to be on the bank signature card
·         Collect membership dues
·         Disburse funds as authorized by the President or Board of Directors
·         Furnish a financial report as required by the Board
·         Deposit club funds in a bank designated by the Board

Section 6.  All officers and directors shall enforce the by-laws, regulations and activities of SVSC.

ARTICLE VI.  Meetings

            Section 1.  The annual meeting will be held early in the calendar year to discuss club business.  Elections for the officers and board of directors will be held at this time.

            Section 2.  Special meetings may be called at any time by the President or upon request by at least five members of the club.

            Section 3.  Club members will be notified of all general meetings.

            Section 4.  Four members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at any club meeting.

            Section 5.  Any officer or board member may be dismissed by a vote of the board for missing several meetings and/or lack of participation in club activities.

ARTICLE VII  Amendments

            Section 1.  The by-laws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of members present at the annual meeting.

            Section 2.  Any proposed by-law changes must be sent to the secretary at least 30 days before the annual meeting.  Proposed changes will be e-mailed to the members and posted on the web site for member’s review.

            Section 3.  Absentee ballot will be accepted as one vote provided member is out of town and unable to attend the annual meeting for proposed by-law amendments.